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How can we intercept young people in social withdrawal and those at risk? And when intercepted, how can we help them? We intend to provide these questions with an answer, analyzing the characteristics of the phenomenon to define suitable lines of intervention and prevention.



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Image by Jo Szczepanska

Focus Groups

Each partner organisation will hold in his country a focus groups about juvenile discomfort and social isolation, that will involve youth workers, trainers, educators, youth leaders and representatives of youth organizations.


A four-day seminar, to be held in July 2020 in Naples (ITA), will involve 29 youth workers from 9 organizations, who will compare experiences, skills, techniques, strategies and good practices, to arrive at the definition of shared methodologies and tools, which will converge in a first draft of the handbook "Social isolation - Techniques and strategies for preventing and combating the phenomenon"


Each partner organisation will run two piloting workshops into local schools and/or associations to test and eventually adapt the strategies developed during the seminar.



Image by Jo Szczepanska


From June 2020
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From November 2020

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